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Connection & Fun

We are proud that Tonari Gumi has been able to provide a wide array of recreational and social programs for the Japanese Canadian community.

Inquiries & Registration

604-687-2172 ext. 106 |

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Check out program schedules for virtual and in-person activities

Telephone and Zoom programs

Participants can enjoy group calls by internet-based video (Zoom) or telephone. These are easy to join for older adults, including those who live away from the urban center or can’t go out often. There’s a lot of variety, including local news and useful information for daily life by telephone in Japanese - rakugo comedy by telephone, singalongs, online fitness, etc.


Japanese language library

Borrow Japanese books and DVDs.

Genki Gumi

Our senior day program (Vancouver/Coquitlam/Steveston/Surrey) is offered in Japanese/English and includes Japanese cultural elements and activities. Independent participants can enjoy light exercise, games, music, crafts and healthy snacks. 

Recreational activities

Garden Club, Craft Club, ping pong, mahjong, haiku making, hula dancing, aerobics, etc.

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Care facility visits and telephone buddies

Converse in Japanese or English via regular telephone calls (for older adults living at home) or in-person visits from trained volunteers (for those in care facilities or hospitals). This is especially for individuals who may feel isolated due to language barriers at care facilities or hospitals, or for older adults living alone who tend to be isolated from the community.

Contact Programs

 101-42 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver, BC  V5Y 1M7
604-687-2172 ext. 106 |

604-687-2172 ext. 101 |

Thanks for messaging Tonari Gumi!

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