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November 2022 Seniors Life Seminar

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

*** Preparing Medical Emergency List ***

This seminar is presented in Japanese.

Are you able to accurately respond medical related questions to an emergency staff?

BC EHS Paramedic Wataru Hyodo and SFU Students Team co-created "Emergency Information Sheet", which could be used at home, or on-the-go.

For seminar detail: Email: Tel:604-687-2172 Ext. 102

The Emergency Information Sheet was designed by SFU Interactive Arts and Technology Program Team, based on BC EHS paramedic Wataru Hyodo's conceptual draft.

Tonari Gumi is grateful for their hard work and dedication.

SFU Interactive Arts and Technology Program Team

Samantha Bachalo Alex King Taylen Lee-Chin

Shirley Liang Crystal Wei

Emergency Information Sheet
Download PDF • 791KB

Emergency Information Sheet_Fillable
Download PDF • 748KB

Download PDF • 517KB

Emergency Information Sheet 記入方法
Download PDF • 763KB

widely accepted medical Abbreviations in ER
Download PDF • 4.59MB

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