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First Response Form - Medical Emergency Information Sheet

This form was co-created by Wataru Hyodo, BC EHS Paramedic, and SFU Interactive Arts Technology Program Team, based on Mr. Hyodo's conceptual draft.

Tonari Gumi deeply appreciates the hard work and contributions that have been invaluable to this project.

SFU Interactive Arts and Technology Program Team

Samantha Bachalo Alex King Taylen Lee-Chin

Shirley Liang Crystal Wei

In chaotic emergencies, it is important to accurately convey necessary information to paramedics and medical personnel to ensure prompt medical treatment. Using the Japanese instructions as a guide, fill out the English forms and prepare one set per person.

For those with a medical history, we recommend you prepare an additional set for going out.

Emergency Information Sheet_Eng w acknowledgement
Download PDF • 487KB

Emergency Information Sheet_JP w acknowledgement
Download PDF • 505KB

Download PDF • 517KB

widely accepted medical Abbreviations in ER
Download PDF • 441KB


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