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Connection & Contribution

“My enjoyment is working with all the seniors here. I just love being with them - you know, they are really precious. I think there’s love between each of us. To me, that’s most important.”

Lurana Tasaka

The foundation of Tonari Gumi is the spirit of volunteerism and the close to 200 volunteers supporting the organization. Volunteers play a vital role in the delivery of programs and support services to our community. Working alongside staff, they help to promote the independence and wellbeing of Japanese Canadians.

Tonari Gumi offers volunteers of all ages the opportunity to gain valuable and memorable experience working with the Japanese Canadian community. There is a variety of volunteer opportunities, and our Volunteer Coordinator works to match your interests and skills with available positions.

Example volunteer positions at Tonari Gumi are as follows.

  • Bento lunch delivery volunteers: bring bento lunches to homebound seniors. 

  • Kitchen volunteers: prepare and package bento lunches, manju, etc.

  • Office volunteers: assist with reception and administrative tasks such as preparing to mail out the monthly TG Newsletter.

  • Activity instructors/leads: facilitate virtual or in-person recreational activities.

  • Event volunteers: help during community events such as selling food and items at the Powell Street Festival, bazaar, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering at Tonari Gumi, call or email the Volunteer Coordinator for more information or email your completed volunteer application form (download from here) or pick up at our centre at 42 West 8th Avenue, Vancouver).

Tonari Gumi Volunteer Coordinator
604-687-2172 ext. 106 /


Note: Volunteer positions with direct contact with seniors require a police record check. A completed form and two pieces of government IDs will be requested.


“Volunteer work is actually considered to be working for others, but you learn through the process that you are actually working for yourself, too. What this interrelationship really develops is a sense of community and as long as Tonari Gumi keeps on producing that, it’s going to be a thriving organization for long years to come.”

Takeo Yamashiro

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