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Visiting to Sick Person

Telephone Buddy 
Facility Visitation


Telephone Buddy

Our telephone buddy service for seniors pairs trained volunteers with elderly individuals, facilitating regular phone calls to provide companionship and alleviate social isolation among Japanese seniors.


Facility Visitation

Our facility visitation service involves arranging regular visits from trained volunteers to various facilities, such as nursing homes or assisted living centers, to provide companionship and support to residents, particularly those who may be experiencing social isolation or limited interaction.


• 65 years of age and older

• Immigrants from Japan or Japanese Canadians

• Native language: Japanese, English

• Those who live alone at home or are isolated due to the language barriers in a facility

• Those who do not have family living nearby and are in need of emotional support

Senior Man Working from Home

Starting Out

• The staff conducts an assessment over the phone with the senior’s family to gather information on the current situation.

• When the service is deemed necessary, we start matching a volunteer. At the same time, we explain to seniors and their families the rules of program participation.

• Once the volunteer has been selected, we arrange a four-person meeting to be held with service staff, the volunteer, the senior, and their family. At that time, we will discuss and decide on the first date and frequency of the visit, and schedule afterward.

Volunteers Needed!

Telephone Volunteers: Engage Japanese Seniors in conversation over the phone.

Visitation Volunteers: Visit and converse with Japanese Seniors at facilities.


Training and support will be provided.

Filling Out a Form


If you would like to sign up, please go to the 'Contact Community Services' section from the button.

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