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Staffing Opportunities



Position: Communications and Executive Assistant

The Japanese Community Volunteers Association (Tonari Gumi) requires a Communications and Executive Assistant (CEA) who will work closely with the Executive Director and perform various key communications, administrative and organizational tasks. The candidate must be a native English speaker but some understanding of Japanese will be an advantage. This will start as a part-time position (2-3 days per week) but could evolve into a full-time position depending on the abilities of the candidate and arranging an appropriate work schedule.


· Degree, certificate or equivalent in work experience in business administration, communications or the administration of non-profit organizations.

· First-rate ability to communicate in written and spoken English; extensive experience in using and managing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube; and the ability to manage webpages (Wix, Wordpress).

· Ability to manage time, prioritize workload, and work in a team based non-profit organization.

· Familiarity with Japanese language and Japanese Canadian culture is an asset.

Duties and responsibilities:

· Assisting the Executive Director with all incoming and outgoing English communications, and internal correspondence.

· Working with other staff in setting up and maintaining a filing system of important documents, such as reports, meeting notes, emails, and letters physically, and electronically.

· Drafting and editing of English correspondence and reports.

· Managing and developing the TG webpage and social media platforms.

· Data entry, updating, retrieval and maintenance of the donor contract system with member and donor information (training will be provided).

· Working with, training and coordinating volunteers in carrying out these duties as appropriate.

Remuneration and Application Deadlines:

§ Starting wage will be $22/hour but will be adjusted commensurate with performance.

§ Position will be open for applications starting from April 1, 2023, and will remain open until an appropriate candidate is chosen.

CONTACT: (March 27, 2023)


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