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Kimono Salon Session 9 “Review of how to wear kimono & Q&A - final session"

Let's wear Kimono!

Join us in learning the ABCs of kimono and Japanese culture. New to Tonari Gumi, this series shares the joy of kimono in each season. In Japanese.

Date & Time: Wednesday, Jan 18, 2023, @10:30 am~12:30 pm or might be longer (please come to TG at 10:30 am sharply)

Instructor: Miki Hayakaze, certified kimono dresser

TG members free / Non-members $5

Inquiries/registration: 604-687-2172 ext. 106, programs[at] (Rie)

Registration By Jan 15th

Session 9: “Review of how to wear kimono & Q&A - final session"

This session is to put into practice kimono dressing and obi. You need to bring your obi and accessories, but if you don't have any, we can rent some kimonos & obi for the session. Please email Rie about the rental in advance. Also talking about seasonal events in Japan and traditional customs of having Japanese tea.

Please join us with your friends!

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