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The Ups and Downs of Technology

As technology advances, it brings benefits and challenges to caregiving in various ways.

Ms. A, who cares for her elderly mother at home, shared an issue that arose in March when Japan TV stopped broadcasting.

For 33 years, Japan TV had been providing Japanese dramas and news in North America, but it switched to the internet streaming service Jme in March. With this change, Japanese programs can now be enjoyed on tablets and smartphones as long as there's internet access. Ms. A quickly switched to Jme for her mother, who enjoys watching Japanese TV shows. However, her mother, who suffers from dementia, often touches the wrong spots on the tablet or forgets how to use it, no matter how many times she is taught. This frequently leads her to seek help from Ms. A, who works from home, causing significant inconvenience.

On the other hand, there are cases where technology proves to be beneficial. Mr. B, who cares for his in-laws living alone, mentioned installing several cameras inside their home to monitor them. Cameras are set up at the entrance, kitchen, living room, etc., allowing him to see visitors' faces and monitor his in-laws' activities to ensure they don't fall or face other issues. A quick look on Amazon shows many affordable cameras with good image quality. While privacy concerns are valid, Mr. B's in-laws initially resisted the idea of being monitored but have since gotten used to and accepted it.

Differences in Thoughts and Perspectives

Mr. C, who collaborates with his siblings to care for their mother living in Japan, visits her regularly. His mother resides in a facility where staff take care of her daily needs, while his siblings in Japan handle personal shopping and hospital visits. Mr. C sometimes feels puzzled or uninformed about some issues, but since his siblings in Japan directly care for their mother, he refrains from voicing his opinions to them.

When it comes to making decisions about parental care and medical treatment, differing opinions among children are not uncommon. However, it's crucial to remember that the care and medical treatment are for the individual. By considering their wishes and preferences, we can provide sustainable caregiving that respects their autonomy and aligns with their desires within the family's capacity. This approach empowers us as caregivers and ensures the best possible care for our loved ones.

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