WISH LIST – We are re-cycling!!

IMG_00000140We have heard that many people are now down-sizing and would like to part with their many treasures that they have accumulated through-out the years!  We have been very fortunate to receive so many items of interest from everyone, and have been very successful in selling them to many people that truly appreciate them.  For instance, from a roll of yukata material, we have been able to make about 4 or 5 aprons which we will be selling at the Powell St. Festival and also, at the craft fairs and bazaars.  That is one example, but we can assure you, we are making very good use of everything that we receive!  We have a NTY (New to You) Club and we have been selling your old jewelry, kimonos, household items etc.etc. and with the wool, fabrics etc. we are making beautiful things in our craft club.  So, please keep us in mind.  If unable to deliver to us, we can always pick up.  Please call Tonari Gumi (604-687-2172) or Kikko, Lurana Tasaka at 604-736-3182.  We would appreciate your support!!