Volunteers Needed!! Your Smile and Helping Hands are Needed!

iki ikiVolunteers Needed!!
Your Smile and Helping Hand Needed!

Volunteers are essential in making community programs fun and lively. The Iki Iki Program is a social program for Japanese-Canadian seniors who enjoy an easier-paced program. The bond between seniors and their community is important for their well-being. In this weekly program, participants enjoy activities like exercise, chatting, lunch, arts and crafts, and games that take into consideration their cultural background, and we need your help in making the program a welcoming place for the seniors.

The role of volunteers is essential in creating a fun and safe environment for the participants. Please join us!!

VANCOUVER—Lighthouse iki iki at Tonari Gumi
Monday & Wednesday 10-3pm
Contact Masako at 604-687-2172 or by email at slp@dev.tonarigumi.ca