Warm Welcome at Tonari Gumi
Warm Welcome at Tonari Gumi

Our Future and a Sense of Community

“Volunteer work is actually considered to be working for others, but you learn through the process that you are actually working for yourself, too. What this interrelationship really develops is a sense of community and as long as Tonari Gumi keeps on producing that, it’s going to be a thriving organization for long years to come.”Takeo Yamashiro

“My enjoyment is working with all the seniors here. I just love being with them, you know they are really precious. I think there’s love between each of us. To me that’s most important.” – Lurana Tasaka

Often we think of volunteering as a one sided exchange, in which a volunteer gives their service and affection to seniors. However, on the other hand volunteers receive many important gifts from those they serve. Through volunteer activities they gain important experiences for themselves that they can share with their friends and families. They also gain an appreciation for the past and the experiences of others, and they gain a greater sense of compassion and kindness towards others.

Through the spirit of volunteerism, Tonari Gumi hopes to provide more resources for all generations of Japanese Canadians and new immigrants so that they become full and active participants in Canadian society. We see these resources as:

• Improving our quality of life

• Helping people achieve independence

• Fostering personal development

• Expanding and strengthening friendships

• Affirming our cultural heritage

We want to create a place where youth can learn about their heritage, gain knowledge and personal experiences by working will all generations of Japanese Canadians and new immigrants.

By volunteering your time--

The foundation of Tonari Gumi is the spirit of volunteerism and the close to 200 volunteers supporting the organization. Volunteers play a vital role in the delivery of programs and services to the community. Working along side staff, they help to promote independence and well-being for Japanese Canadians, through participation in community activities.

Tonari Gumi offers volunteers of all ages the opportunity to gain valuable and memorable experience working with the Japanese Canadian community.

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Tonari Gumi volunteers in our community garden.

Tonari Gumi kitchen volunteers.

Tonari Gumi volunteers in our new kitchen

volunteers at our spring High tea Bazaar


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