Tonari Gumi’s Tax Donation Receipts Are On Their Way!

A number of Tonari Gumi supporters have asked when their tax donation receipts will be available.  The answer is that they should be in the mail before the end of this month and should be in everyone’s hands by early February at the latest.  We are extremely grateful for the generosity of many hundreds of Tonari Gumi friends and supporters.  In fact, part of the reason why we had to switch from preparing our receipts by hand as in the past to printing them out from the computer is because of the major increase in the numbers of receipts that we have to send out.

In 2014, we changed from hand writing receipts out soon after receiving the donation to sending out consolidated receipts twice a year—once in July and the final one in January of the following year.  The July receipt should contain the total of all donations made to Tonari Gumi in the first six months of the year, and the January receipt should contain all of the donations made from July through to December 31 of the specific tax year.  Consequently, in when submitting your income tax forms, if you have made donations to Tonari Gumi throughout the year, you should include both tax donation receipts sent to you from Tonari Gumi.

In 2014, our many supporters made both small and large donations which came to nearly $120,000.  Because government grants are often uncertain due to budgetary and other reasons, individual and corporate donations are critical to Tonari Gumi being able to deliver the many different programs and much needed services to our seniors and others within the community who depend on our help.  In order to build a more caring and inclusive community, where the most vulnerable are able to receive help, please contribute generously to Tonari Gumi.  We have two different funds to which you can contribute:  1) the General Operating Fund – to allow us to continue providing quality programs and services; and 2) the Making It A Home Fund – complete paying for the new building and to ensure that adequate furniture and equipment are available so that everyone coming to Tonari Gumi can truly feel “at home”.  You can donate by calling Tonari Gumi at (604) 687-2172 or on-line by going to this link: logoFinal White on Blue JPEG