Tonari Gumi @ The 38th Powell Street Festival

IMG_00000147 IMG_00000140This year’s Powell Street Festival will be unique in that it will be more like a street festival or a massive community block party.  Instead of being centred on Oppenheimer Park, this year the centre stage will be on Alexander Street near the corner with Dunlevy Avenue.  The food booths will be lined up along Jackson Avenue from Railway up to Cordova.  As for food, Tonari Gumi’s food booth will be in front of the Vancouver Buddhist Temple at the corner of Jackson Ave. and Powell Street, next to the JCCA Salmon Barbeque.  Given the expected warm weather, you will enjoy ice cold barley tea(mugi cha), our famous cold noodle salad (hiyashi chu-ka salad), and delicious California rolls and sushi platters.  Also, Tonari Gumi’s signature Japanese rice cakes (mochi-manju) will also be available for desert.  Your stomach will thank you for buying your lunch or dinner at Tonari Gumi’s booth, served by cheerful volunteers. IMG_0001

As for our Community and Craft Tents, we will be located on the 500 Block of Alexander Street, not far from the Vancouver Japanese Language School.  Stock up on the beautiful  origami and pressed flower greeting cards, lovingly made by our seniors.  We also have a large variety of crafts and artisan-crafted bags created by our talented seniors.  Of course, you can still get our signature “Home Away from Home” Japanese cookbook and Tonari Gumi t-shirts, coffee mugs and this year–Tonari Gumi 08042012 025Eco-bags in a variety of gorgeous colours.  We also have some used kimonos and Japanese dolls that you won’t find anywhere for these amazing prices.  Tickets for our Reunion Picnic on Aug. 16, the Tonari Gumi Music Night on Aug. 29 and our one of a kind, Premium Sake Tasting Night on Saturday, October 4th will be available for sale at the Booth.   You don’t want to miss coming to the Tonari Gumi Community Booth on Alexander Street.  DSCN3756

This year’s Powell Street Festival is in its 38th year since Tonari Gumi helped to organize the first festival in 1977 as part of the Japanese Canadian Centennial.  Since those early beginnings, the Powell Street Festival has come a long ways and has become the largest Japanese Canadian festival in the country.  Come celebrate with the Japanese Canadian community and share in this amazing heritage of courage and resilience.  We will be there on Saturday and Sunday (August 2-3) from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.  See us there!!