Tonari Gumi’s New Video!

Tonari Gumi is very pleased to introduce to you the long awaited new video! We have been working on this for a long time, and now it is finally here in front of you! We are so happy that this is complete and very nicely introduces who we are. Please watch the video, learn more about us, and share it with your friends Facebook it and Tweet it! We always welcome your comments and feedback, so please feel free to talk to us about the video!


= Credit Roll =
Camera: Moritaka Matsumoto, Nikola Durity Marin
Director: Jenny Uechi
Sound and Video Editing: J. Tan
Titling Assistance: Nikola Durity Marin, Kozue Matsumoto
Voice Recording: Iver Zhang (Antarez Audio)
Narrator: Naomi Yamato (Japanese), Colleen Lanki (English)
Project Coordinator: Kozue Matsumoto

= Interviewees =
Richard Kadota & Yasoko Kadota
Maruji Hiramoto
Ohomi Sugawara
Yoshiko Yamawaki

= Groups in DVD =
Exercise & Massage program
Minyo Dance program
Monday Lunch group
Family Drop-in program for toddlers and parents
Family Drop-in volunter
Senior craft club volunteers
Manju making volunteers