Tonari Gumi is Looking for a New Executive Director

As some of you may have noticed, there are advertisements in the Bulletin, the Vancouver Shinpo and other community publications indicating that Tonari Gumi is searching for a new Executive Director.

After having served for nearly six years, almost twice as long as he had originally planned, our current Executive Director, David Iwaasa, has decided to really “retire” this time around. After having first retired from the federal civil service in 2006, David then went on to serve his church for three years, retiring again in 2009. In 2010, his wife saw an ad in the Bulletin for the executive director position at Tonari Gumi. Thinking that it might be a relaxing way to contribute to the community, David submitted his application and found himself on an extremely busy roller coaster. Thanks to the generosity of the Kusumoto Family and many hundreds more donors and volunteers, David found himself in the midst of a major fundraising and building program, which culminated in November 2013 with the dedication of Tonari Gumi’s new $3.6 million Seniors’ Drop-In and Community Outreach Centre at 42 West 8th Ave. in Vancouver. Having promised to stay-on until the new facilities were completed, David now feels that he can once again “retire”. Other than maybe getting to play a few more rounds of golf and spending more time with his grandchildren, David doesn’t intend to stop contributing to the community. He hopes, now, to be able to help Tonari Gumi as a volunteer.

This does, however, open up an opportunity for someone new to take on the reins of Tonari Gumi and to continue its growth towards its 50th year as an organization in 2024. Anyone interested in a rewarding opportunity to help build a caring and compassionate community, needs to apply now. The intention is for the new Executive Director to be chosen in the month of September with a view to allowing David to “retire” in late October of this year. Please check out the following link for more detailed information: Tonari Gumi ED.