Tonari Gumi is at the Powell Street Festival for the 39th Year!

In other words, Tonari Gumi has been at the Powell Street Festival ever since it started in 1977.PSFS15_Tonari_Gumi_01 This year is no exception and we’re excited to join with the rest of the community in helping to deliver a wonderful summer tradition. Now that Oppenheimer park is available to the community again, Tonari Gumi’s booth locations are back to their traditional locations on Dunlevy Avenue and along Cordova Street.DSC_0211 Tonari Gumi’s food booth on Dunlevy is always a summer treat with our ever-favourite items: hiyashi chuuka salad (cold ramen salad); sushi bento box, inari zushi (some people call them ‘rice bags’), yummy mochi manju (sweet sticky rice cakes), ice cold barley tea and similarly cold iced coffee. The prices are great and the smiles you receive when you are served are free.

Tonari Gumi’s Community Craft Tent is just off Dunlevy along Cordova Street and th004ere you will find the amazing crafts created by our seniors just for your gift giving—to yourself and to all of your friends and relatives.012 We also have used kimonos, used Japanese dolls and other Japanese gift items. A perennial favourite is our “New To You” table where hundreds of used jewelry items are on sale to enhance your summer wardrobe. You can also find copies of Tonari Gumi’s best-selling Japanese cookbook, our durable and re-usable eco-bags, and the fashionable Tonari Gumi t-shirts available for sale. This year, we also have tickets on sale for Tonari Gumi’s 14th Annual Premium Sake Tasting Night.008 As we nearly always sell out, this is your chance to get an early-bird discount and make sure that you have your tickets for this not-to-be-missed event. 013Make sure that you come to this year’s Powell Street Festival and while there, get your food and gift items at the Tonari Gumi food booth and Community Craft Tent. See you there!