Tonari Gumi Is Alive And Well!

A great deal of effort and sacrifice from many individuals within the community went into building a new centre for Tonari Gumi. photo 3The exciting aspect of the changes that have taken place are not just that we have a new building, but the changes that are taking place in the lives of those who are coming to Tonari Gumi both to participate in the new activities and to volunteer.  As you can see from the faces, Sewing 2our seniors and our volunteers are having fun and they are also learning new things. Our new digital tablet workshops are opening up the miracles of e-mail and the internet for our seniors. Because tablets don’t rely on keyboards our seniors are finding them easy to use. Tablet2Tablets can easily convert to a Japanese operating system and input can be in hiragana rather than having to use the alphabet.

Photography using your smart phone camera is also drawing interested participants. PhotoMany seniors had always wanted to use the cameras which are a part of their phones, but just didn’t know how. Now they can use this new tool.
May 6-1Traditional skills are also popular at Tonari Gumi with flower arranging attracting attention.  Our seniors are also learning how to “re-make” their old kimonos into modern fashion items.

Walking activities are also becoming more popular as the weather is improving and there are amazingly photo 2beautiful places just as few steps away from our new Tonari Gumi.

If you haven’t done so before, come and visit Tonari Gumi at our new location and find out how much fun it can be to become involved in the community. photo 1Maybe you think that Tonari Gumi is only for the seniors. It is true that that lot of what we do is for seniors but all of our programs are open to all ages and our seniors love to inter-act with other generations. In addition, we need all kinds of volunteers and you can help to make it a special day for our seniors.
Tonari Gumi means extending a caring helping hand. Join us in helping to build a stronger and more caring community.