The Telephone Buddy Program

Looking Forward to that weekly phone call!

It has been two months since we started the Telephone Buddy Program, in which our volunteers call seniors on a weekly basis. Our participants really enjoy the program ? they tell us how some talk to our volunteers for over an hour and how they look forward to the call every week.
Our volunteers are also enjoying stories of seniors with many life experiences. This program is not only for people who are homebound because of illness or disability; it is for people who just want somebody to talk with and for those who feel worn out caring for seniors at home. This program also provides an opportunity to talk and build connection with community to those who are feeling lonely as well as seniors who experience language barriers with their family or would like to share stories that their family already know. We are also providing a “Morning Phone call” service as a quick “safety”check.
If you are interested in the Telephone Buddy Program or would like to become a volunteer, please contact Tonari Gumi.

* This program is partly funded by a “New Horizons for Senior Program Community Participation and Leadership Funding Grant”.