The Joint “Home Away from Home” Building Fund Drive has raised more than $517,000 for the completion of a new Seniors’ Drop-in and Community Outreach Centre in Vancouver.

The Tonari Gumi and Greater Vancouver JCCA Joint “Home Away from Home” Building Fund Drive has now come to an end, having raised some $517,112 to be used to complete the renovations of a new Seniors’ Drop-in and Community Outreach Centre at 42 West 8th Avenue in Vancouver. One of the last contributions was received today when the Vancity Community Foundation presented Tonari Gumi with a contribution of $2,500 towards the completion of this project. Ms. Emily Beam, Manager, Strategic Programs of the Vancity Community Foundation and Mr. Brian Cade, Account Manager, Community Business, Vancity made the presentation today to Mr. David Iwaasa, Executive Director, Tonari Gumi.

The more than half a million dollars which has been raised over the past year to complete our new Community Centre in Vancouver is a modern day miracle, according to David Iwaasa. It is an indication of what can be accomplished if individuals, groups, associations and companies come together to achieve a common purpose. What is even more amazing is that these funds were only a portion of the more than $3.6 million in overall funds which have been raised to purchase the building and property, and to complete the renovations so that the Japanese Canadian community can have another “home away from home” within the City of Vancouver.

We’re excited that that work on the renovations to the building are proceeding quickly and should be completed by mid-October of this year. We’re proud of what has been accomplished thus far, but will still need assistance to get everything fully done. Please continue to support Tonari Gumi as we move forward to help build a caring community.