TG’s First Spring Fair & Afternoon Tea a Popular Success!

Our first Spring Fair & Afternoon Tea held on Saturday, March 15 at our new facilities at 1977207_623654607699871_1955297918_n42 West 8th Ave. in Vancouver was a real hit for a large number of people.  The Afternoon Tea portion of the event attracted more than 150 people and despite the rain, we had 20 or more people waiting in line outside at 12:00 noon in anticipation of being able to purchase some of our yummy manju and other tasty Japanese treats.  All in all, it would be a safe estimate that well in excess of 300 people came through Tonari Gumi between 12 noon and 4:00 p.m. that afternoon.

In addition in order to set everything up, prepare all of the food and the delightful sandwiches and pastries served during the Afternoon Tea, more than 50 volunteers,  led by the ever ‘genki’, Kikko Tasaka, participated to making this event happen.

This doesn’t include all the many volunteers who put in many hours to prepare the manju, other Japanese food items, baked goods and the many crafts which were on sale.  All in all the Fair was a success because of all the caring hands which went into this event.

Thank you to the volunteers, TG staff and all of those who came to enjoy this event.  There will be another bazaar this fall and the Second Annual Spring Fair and Afternoon Tea next year.  See you at these great events!