TG Seniors Sharing Their Culture

Explaining the Tea Ceremony to the seniors at Dania Home.

On Monday, April 23 and Wednesday, April 25, a number of Tonari Gumi seniors and volunteers together with TG staff member Sayuri Sugawara were invited to participate in the “Japanese Week” celebrations being held at Normanna Home and Dania Home in Burnaby. On Monday, TG’s Minyo Dance group led by their instructor, Akemi Komori, demonstrated some traditional dance numbers, including a solo dance performance by Komori sensei. Then TG volunteers, Kimiko Higashi and Ikuko Kawai, taught the Normanna Home seniors how to do some origami (paper folding art). On Wednesday, Sayuri and volunteers, Yukiko Basley with two of her students, Nick and Izumi, demonstrated how to wear a Japanese kimono and then performed a Japanese tea ceremony for the seniors at Dania Home. Our long-term volunteer, Martin Kobayakawa, assisted in setting up for the demonstrations. Whether within the Japanese Canadian community or with other communities, the Tonari Gumi spirit is one of sharing and helping each other. Please check out the photos of these two events at our Flickr Streaming site.