TG Seniors Find Adventure in Squamish!

TG seniors find adventure in Squamish.








Tonari Gumi’s September outreach adventure saw 22 seniors and volunteers travel to Squamish on Wednesday, Sept. 12th.

Blessed with beautiful late summer weather, they were able to enjoy the spectacular scenery as they drove up Howe Sound to stop first at Shannon Falls.  There they stopped for lunch on the edge of the falls.

TG seniors at Shannon Falls in Squamish.










TG seniors enjoying lunch at Shannon Falls in Squamish.

The next stop was the Britannia Mine Museum.  Donning safety helmets they were able to take the mine tour.  While many had passed by this museum on their way to Whistler, for all of them, it was the first time they were able to actually visit the museum.  Given that in the early 1900’s many Japanese had worked in these mines, it was a particularly poignant experience.  Some were also able to pan for gold, looking for that elusive giant nugget to help fund Tonari Gumi’s renovation project.

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