Tonari Gumi RE-OPEN with limited operations.

Limited public access due to VCH restriction …READ MORE

The staff are preparing for a safe and limited opening of the Tonari Gumi facility. We are establishing new rules and protocols based on Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) guideline as we aim to open at the end of June.

We are asking all to read the VCH Guideline prior to your visit, understand risk of COVID-19, and respect our facility rules for preventing spread of virus.

Visiting the facility will be by Appointment Only, No Drop-Ins and for LIMITED operations. Please read carefully the following protocol details and plan your visit.

Thank you for your understanding and help preventing the virus spread.


  • OPEN HOURS: Mon-Thu 10 am ~ 2 pm (except Holidays), Fridays reserved for online programs.
  • APPOINTMENT ONLY: PLEASE call (604-687-2172) to make your appointment.
  • AVAILABLE OPERATIONS:  No Regular Schedule Programs.
    • SERVICE DESK      Mon ~ Thu       10 am ~ 2 pm
    • LIBRARY  (2F)     Currently. No Public Access
    • SPECIAL PROGRAM    Mon ~ Fri  10 am ~ 2 pm (Remote only)
    • Be On Time →Please wait outside. No waiting spaces in the facility.
    • Stay-in Time → Max 30 min to stay in the facility. (to allow us disinfecting and air ventilation.)
    • When Sick   →If You are sick, please stay at home.  DO NOT enter the facility.
    • Self Isolate →If your family have symptoms or return from a board, please do not enter facility (14 days)
    • Limited Capacity →Only 1 person allow to enter washroom, lounge area, and library.
    • Limited Access → DO NOT Enter Kitchen and Storage area (2R)
    • NO Eating & NO Drinking in the facility
    • Follow Signage   →Please be alert and follow the signage in the facility (Social distancing, Wash Hand, etc.)
    • DOOR Check @Arrival →Please check-in at the door before entering the facility to confirm followings:
      • Appointment Check
      • Family symptoms and Travel history check
      • Condition check & Taking Temperature
      • Hand disinfecting, Hand washing
      • Mask ON in the facility
      • Disposable glove on in the facility

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