“O flock of heavenly cranes cover my child with your wings.” – Japanese mother's prayer

At Tonari Gumi we have over 300 volunteers whose spirits embody that of the crane. Their hands are like the wings of the cranes – protecting, caring for and bringing happiness to the lives our Japanese Canadian and new immigrant seniors. We need your support to provide the support our elders deserve.

Today, Tonari Gumi is reaching out to help the vulnerable and those who are isolated due to language and cultural barriers throughout the lower mainland of BC. Tonari Gumi's luncheon programs, senior day-care programs, outings, activities, clubs and classes seek to extend a welcome hand to not only seniors, but all generations who wish to build a multi-generational community.

As a grassroots community organization we depend on support from a broad range of people who support our programs and services. while we apply for as much governmental and foundation assistance as possible, this is still not enough. 

Again, We need your support to provide the support to the community.

By donating to Tonari Gumi you help us reach more people and provide more services and programs!

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