Summer Berries for Our Seniors

20150630_103903The summer is a great time for outings with our seniors and this year, with our unusually long and warm spring, berry picking was particularly special.  While we were too late for strawberries, on June 30th, the blueberries were especially delicious.  Some 9 seniors accompanied by Atsuko Ichijo and two volunteers took a trip to Krause’s berry farm in Langely.

B.C.’s berry bounty was readily available and our seniors had a great time.  Thanks to Nobuji Hirosawa for making his van available to transport our seniors.  In the near future we look forward to being able to purchase a new van for Tonari Gumi so our seniors can take more such trips.  Don’t forget that your donations to Tonari Gumi help to create great memories.20150630_113846 20150630_113239 20150630_113643 20150630_113257 20150630_113501 20150630_113633