‘Squid Heaven’ by notable artist, Taiga Chiba, for auction at the 100 Years of Service Anniversary Dinner!

The milestone 100 years of service anniversary dinner on June 8th is fast approaching.  We have several beautiful works of art and other exceptional items being offered for the silent auction.  Among these wonderful artworks available is Squid Heaven, by the notable artist, Taiga Chiba.

Squid Heaven by Taiga Chiba

Artwork dimensions:
64.5 x 76 cm or 25 1/2 x 30 inches. 

Squid Heaven is part of a Woodcut Relief and Carborundum Collograph Print series from 2002 created at Snap Print Studio in Edmonton, Alberta.  Carborundum is a particular sand which is used for polishing Litho Stones.

Karen Dugas, Taiga Chiba’s colleague writes about the piece:  “Taiga’s work presents primordial shapes swimming in a colorful and densely saturated field. The work is both playful and appealing to the subconscious mind.”

Here Taiga Chiba describes how he created this piece:
“I pulled several prints for each images but never the same. I tried slightly different colors each time to print, so I could say that each print is a ‘Mono Prints’ = a Unique Prints.” 

We are honored to have received this remarkable artwork and expect a high number of bids for this item.

If you haven’t already purchased your tickets for this special event, please be sure to do so before 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 4th!  Tickets can be purchased on-line at http://www.tonarigumi.ca/100-years-of-service-anniversary-dinner-june-8-2013/ or by contacting the Tonari Gumi office at (604) 687-2172.

Here is some additional information about the artist:

Taiga Chiba was born in Shizuoka City, Japan.  He obtained B.A. from Musashino Art University in Tokyo.  Upon graduation, he taught studio arts for Six and a Half years in two public Senior High Schools in Shizuoka Province before immigrating to Canada, 1981.  He studied English at Seneca College in Toronto, then went onto Concordia University in Montreal to take the Master level studio arts program.  While he was living in Montreal, he took Summer French Immersion Programs for University Students at St. Helene and Chicoutimi in Quebec.  He received M.F.A. from Concordia University, then moved to Vancouver in 1987. Since then, Vancouver has been his home.  He taught Inuit artists Printmaking and Studio Arts in Pangnirtung, Baker Lake and Iqaluit, Nunavut.

He has had numerous exhibitions in Canada, USA and participated in many International exhibitions.  He loves to participate in Artists’ Residencies in different countries.

His next residency is at Lalit Kala Academi, Bhubaneswar, Orissa State in India.