Sharing and Learning New Things at Tonari Gumi

Every month we have a “Kuishinbokai” or “Gourmand Club” gathering at Tonari Gumi where seniors and other generations have an opportunity to learn how to prepare and enjoy IMG_0017different dishes.  On Wednesday, May 21, 2014 about a dozen people gathered at Tonari Gumi to learn how to make homemade gyoza.  As you can see from the results from the video below, the event was a success and everyone had fun participating.  That’s the spirit of Tonari Gumi – sharing and learning together while having a good time.  If you are interested, you should join Tonari Gumi – either to share as a volunteer or to learn as a member – or both.  The video was created by our volunteer, Shogo Kido, and this post was created by another of our faithful volunteers, Tatum Wulff.

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