Remembering some dear, old friends!!

Because some of our former volunteers/members have had difficulties in getting out to community activities; IMG_0796where necessary, we have one of our volunteers pick up some of them to bring them to Tonari Gumi for Tonari Gumi’s Homebound Program on Mondays. Others are using HandyDart or are being driven by family members. They are enjoying a light morning exercise program, a nice Tonari Gumi lunch, afternoon tea and other activities depending on the participant’s interests. Next week, they are going to learn how to use a “tablet” computer. And, they are very excited about it. The members include Nancy Morishita, who supervised Tonari Gumi’s Cooper Place/Royal Arch Lunches for many years; Asako Nomura who also volunteered at T.G. and Cooper/Royal Arch lunches; Miyuki Nagata who worked for us 30 years ago and was a great supporter, and Mitsu Fugeta, who has come back to Vancouver after being away for 72 years. She and her husband, Hawley, used to drive all the way from Penticton to bring us fruits from their orchard. And also Mr. & Mrs. Yoshiichi & Toshie Takeuchi, who we have found out, used to manage the Shin Sakura So housing on Powell St. Also, joining us is Mrs. Grace Kadonaga who recently moved from Richmond to Burnaby and Mr. Yasuo Itoh are enjoying the camaraderie immensely.

Just wanted to let you know that we have a lot of new and exciting programs, such as aerobics, sewing, flower arranging, fancy sushi workshop, tablet computers, etc. etc., and even programs on Saturdays. Come and check us out! We are having a great time in our new facility!!