Nikkei Plus Social Club Starts 2015

Last year we started a new program at Tonari Gumi called the Nikkei Plus Social Club. It was such a hit last year that we are continuing it in 2015 with the first gathering in 2015 scheduled for Saturday, January 24 starting at 11:30 am. Two key features of the Social Club is that 1) it is open to everyone interested in things Japanese Canadian and 2) there is Japanese food.

This up-coming Social Club session will focus on hearing from Japanese Canadian “pioneers” who we hope will be willing to share their stories to everyone in attendance. However, for those less inclined to history, we also have games and opportunities for people to just share time with each other. We are looking to have as many Japanese Canadians as possible join us on Saturday, January 24th. If you are interested in coming, please give Tonari Gumi a call at 604-687-2172 or e-mail at