Nikkei Plus Social Club Meeting A Success!

On Saturday, Nov. 22 some 35 Nikkei gathered at Tonari Gumi for the inaugural session of the Nikkei Plus Social Club.DSCF3681  With a rousing game of ping pong going on in one corner; several of the women and younger volunteers in the kitchen preparing food; and animated conversations going on all over, this first session was definitely social.DSCF3678

Spearheaded by Kikko (Lurana) Tasaka and Henry Wakabayashi, the various first, second and third generation Japanese Canadians found they had much in common.  Especially appreciated was the amazing meal put together by everyone, drawing on several recipes in the popular Tonari Gumi cookbook. Chuck Tasaka also had a display of photos from Greenwood during the WWII internment and many were able to share nostalgic stories of their experiences either during or after the war.  Even those who immigrated from Japan after the war or those not even born during the war, were able to learn from the experiences of others and share in this common heritage of the community.DSC_0319  Our next meeting of the Nikkei Plus Social Club is tentatively scheduled for January 24th, at Tonari Gumi.  Those interested in joining should call Tonari Gumi at 604-687-2172 or e-mail: