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Sending out Tonari Gumi's message and support to our community to connect during this difficult time.

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  Newsletter, March 15, 2021~ Special issue: COVID-19 vaccine updates  ~ (号外 II日本語版)
  Newsletter, March 11, 2021~ Special issue: COVID-19 vaccine updates  ~ (号外:日本語版)
  Newsletter, March 2021~ COVID-19 vaccine appointment information  ~ (日本語版)
  Newsletter, February 2021~ Limited Public Access until February 15  ~ (
  Newsletter, January 2021~ Limited Public Access until February 5  ~ (日本語版)
  Newsletter, December~ Limited Public Access until January 8  ~ (日本語版)
  Newsletter, November~ Limited Public Access until November 23  ~ (日本語版)
  Newsletter, October~ Message from TG Chair  ~ (日本語版)
  Newsletter, September 17
~ TG Operation Updates  ~ (
  Newsletter, July 27~ TG Facemask campaign result, Thank you Kumi! and more  ~ (日本語版)
  Newsletter, July 3~ TG Reopen , “Masks for Donation” campaign extended and more  ~ (日本語版)
  Newsletter, June 12~ TG AGM Report and more  ~ (日本語版)
  Newsletter, May 15~ Mask for Donation, Show Your  Support!  ~ (日本語版)
  Newsletter, April 27~ Spring is in the Air!  ~ (日本語版)
  Newsletter, April 10 ~ Apart Yet Stronger (TG) Together ~ (日本語版
  Newsletter, March 27~ TG Support for you, We are connected ~ (日本語版
  Newsletter, March 16
~ TG Community Support during COVID-19 outbreak ~

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