October News [2019]

– 月報 10月号 掲載分 –

*** Tonari Gumi Summer Walking Program ***

Every summer, between May and August, Tonari Gumi organizes its “Summer Walking Program” for seniors using public transit and chartered buses, in or der to visit nearby sights and places around the lower mainland. Here are some places we visited in June and August this year.

On June 26, twelve seniors and staff visited Grouse Mountain using skytrain, seabus and bus.   Some of the seniors reminisced of fond memories of visiting Grouse Mountain with their children. For others, it was the first time after decades of living in Vancouver. Despite cloudy weather blocking some of the breathtaking views from top of the mountain, it was still ideal conditions for walking. We joined a free guided tour and visited a designated area for rescued grizzly bears “Grinder and Coola”. Our last event was a joke-filled, ax-throwing and tree-climbing “Lumber Jack Show”.

On August 19th, Tonari Gumi hosted a day trip to Squamish area, and some 18 seniors joined us for this memorable trip. We rented a 20-seat seniors’ bus and went on a trip to Squamish with a volunteer driver, Mr. Wing. On the way, we enjoyed the coastal scenery and took a walk in the forest at Shannon Falls Provincial Park, where you could feel the grandeur of nature firsthand. For lunch, we had some free time in downtown of Squamish where our seniors could take advantage of a wide range of retail stores stocked with a variety of goods and gifts, have lunch with a glass of wine in the pub or lie down in the park and have a good time.

On the way back, we stopped by Porteau Cove Provincial Park and took a photo with some of the best sea view as our backdrop. It was a day where our seniors had a chance to feel the energy of nature while spending the day laughing and chatting with each other away from their daily lives.

Similarly, interesting trips are planned for each month, giving our senior and the volunteers accompanying them, the opportunity to experience some truly memorable excursions. We want people to know that Tonari Gumi has something interesting for everyone. We also have some great outings planned for the Fall. Please check our website, www.tonarigumi.ca for September to December regular programs and events.


*** 隣組・夏のお散歩プログラム ***


6月26日はGrouse Mountainへスカイトレイン、シーバスとバスを利用してのお散歩小旅行。以前子供達を連れてきたことはあるが、しばらく来ていなかったという方や、バンクーバーに数十年住んでいますが、今日初めて来ましたという方など、シニア12名のご参加を頂きました。当日はあいにくの曇り空。せっかくの景色を100%楽しむことはできませんでしたが、お散歩にはちょうど良い天候でした。無料のガイド付きツアーに参加した後で、子熊の時に保護されたグリズリーベアのGrinderとCoolaを見学、斧を的に投げたり、スパイク付きのブーツとロープで一気に木を駆け上る、冗談を交えながら元気いっぱいの「木こりショー」を楽しみました。

8月19日は20人乗りの貸切バスを利用して、シニア・ボランティアドライバーの ウイングさんと一緒にSquamishへ遠足へ行ってきました。行きは、海岸沿いのドライブを楽しみながら素晴らしい自然の雄大さを直に感じ、Shannon Falls州立公園で森林浴を満喫しながらのお散歩。お昼はSquamishのdowntown での自由時間。幅広い品物やギフトを仕入れている沢山のショップに入ったり、パブでワインを飲みながらランチを食べたり、公園で寝そべったりと、皆さん充実した時間を楽しく過ごせました。帰り道はポートオーコーブ州立公園へ立ち寄り、美しい海の景色最高で写真撮影をしました。普段の生活から離れて参加者同士お喋りしながら自然のエネルギーを体感された参加者の皆さん、素敵な笑顔で過ごせた一日でした。


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