November News [2019]

– 月報 11月号 掲載分 –

*** Tonari Gumi’s 45th Anniversary Dinner ***

“Tonari Gumi’s 45th Anniversary Dinner was a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the hopes of tomorrow.”

– L.O.

Many thanks to everyone who attended and assisted the TG dinner/banquet. On Friday, October 4th some 170 Tonari Gumi supporters and friends enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Pink Pearl Restaurant. Many guests reconnected with old friends and acquaintances that they now rarely see. The work of our pioneers was acknowledged and honoured. Additional services and programs coming in the New Year were described.

The evening opened with the rousing drums of Chibi Taiko, led by Shinobu Homma and Jordy Riley. Master of Ceremony, Tetsuro Shigematsu, was amazing. Tetsuro entertained while moving the evening along. Keynote Speaker Randy Enomoto provided stories of past pioneers that truly exemplified the “Spirit of Tonari Gumi.”

A special thank you to Deputy Consul General of Japan, Ms. Masayo Tada, for the donation of sake and the opening toast.

Heartfelt appreciation to Tonari Gumi’s generous donors, sponsors, silent auction contributors and purchasers and the many wonderful volunteers who helped make the evening so successful.


「隣組 45周年記念ディナー は今日の喜び、昨日の思い出、そして未来への希望を祝う時間となりました。」

我々の先駆者の方々の功績が認められ、称賛されました。又、来年度から追加される隣組のプログラムやサービスが紹介されました、晩餐会は、ホンマ シノブさん、ジョディ ライリ―さんを筆頭にちび太鼓の皆さんの張り裂けるような太鼓の響きで始まりました。司会、進行のシゲマツ テツオさんは素晴らしい進行で、来客を楽しませ、その夜の主賓ゲストスピ―カ―である、ランディーエノモトさんに引き継がれ、彼は隣組の先駆者たちがいかに隣組の精神を設立していったかを例示されました。日本国首席領事,多田雅代さまに日本酒のご寄付と記念ディナーの開会の乾杯の音頭を取っていただき、大変感謝しております。


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