NEW YEAR’S Greetings [2020]

2020 will be a very exciting new year for Tonari Gumi.  Our new website at is up and running in both English and Japanese.  Please check out the new webpage and our more active Facebook page ( to find out what is happening at Tonari Gumi and how you can become involved.  Also, starting in 2020, Tonari Gumi will be launching two new initiatives to enable more members of the Japanese Canadian community to enjoy what Tonari Gumi has to offer:
 First, we will be introducing some new services to help our seniors to remain independent in their homes for a longer time; to maintain their health and to have a more connected and enjoyable life.  We are in the process of offering more of these services closer to where everyone lives as we start holding more activities in Steveston, Surrey and in Port Coquitlam.  Please join us by offering to volunteer and by bringing your seniors to our activities.  Call TG or check our website to see when and where we are meeting.
 Second, Tonari Gumi is also expanding its activities to include more Nisei, Sansei and other generations, with some events conducted primarily in English and activities such as learning how to speak Japanese and how to prepare Japanese home-cooking.  These events are also scheduled for weekends and some evenings so that a wider range of community members can participate.  Please come and see how we can meet your needs.
So, come and join us as Tonari Gumi adjusts to meet the needs of the community.  Hope to see you soon.

David Iwaasa, Board Chair.


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理事長 岩浅・デビッド

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