December News [2019]

– 月報 12月号 掲載分 –

*** RAKUGO @ Tonarigumi / 落語会 @ 隣組 ***

On September 25 and 26, Tonari Gumi hosted Japanese traditional sit-down comedy performance, rakugo, entitled “Luck comes to those who laugh!” Rakugo storyteller, Mr. Roko Shofukutei, flew in from Osaka to a total of 100 guests who enjoyed the authentic Kamigata-style rakugo up close and had memorable afternoons filled with laughter.

The performance started with the classic “Toki Udon (Noodle Time)” followed by short stories and original rakugo stories sprinkled with English lines. During the question and answer period, the audience had a chance to interact with Roko-san who also shared behind-the-scenes stories that we wouldn’t have a chance to hear.

We feel that we were very lucky to have had the chance to bring this traditional Japanese performing art to Vancouver and to Tonari Gumi. We’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to those who made this event possible.






*** 2019 Tonarigumi Fall Bazaar / 2019年恒例秋のバザー ***

Tonari Gumi held its annual fall bazaar on Saturday, November 2nd. The bazaar brought together old and new friends and families to shop, eat and mingle in familiar and welcoming surroundings.

Our multi-generational team of volunteers worked together throughout the year to prepare for the bazaar. On sale were handmade crafts and cards and Japanese food delicacies made by our volunteers. Upstairs, we sold kimonos, Japanese books, vintage jewellery and a variety of rummage sale items. There was a keen sense of anticipation when the doors opened at 11:00 am and the first wave of patrons came. Awaiting them were freshly made goodies, including manju, sushi, apple pie, takoyaki and Japanese kasutera (cake). One of our most popular delicacies was the freshly-picked matsutake (pine mushroom), known for its unique, subtle flavour. There was excellent camaraderie and teamwork among our volunteers, staff and members. The volunteer work for the bazaar best exemplifies the spirit of the “Japanese Community Volunteers Association.”

Many thanks to the community for their support and to our volunteers and staff for their hard work and dedication in making this event a success.



11時の開始時には、バザーを心待ちにしていた多くのお客さまが玄関先に押し寄せ、開場とともに饅頭や新鮮な寿司、アップルパイなどのベイキング、その場で焼き上げた出来立てのタコ焼きとカステラなどに行列ができました。その中でも一番人気は、新鮮なマツタケ(pine mushroom:芳醇な独特な香りが特長で、日本でも秋の味覚として珍重されている食べ物)でした。



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