New Look for Tonari Gumi!

DSC_0379As part of the City of Vancouver’s anti-graffiti campaign, they have been hiring local artists to paint murals on blank walls.  The wall next to the back parking at Tonari Gumi was identified as a good candidate for a mural and the owner of the wall (our next door neighbour) and we were approached to see if we would be willing to have a mural created for us.  After a couple of meetings, we were introduced to our artist and he gave us aFullSizeRender (2) sketch of what he wanted to put up on the wall.  We made a few small suggestions to make the “flute” look more like a Japanese shakuhachi flute and to asked that the mural be bright and celebrate nature–as it faces a very bleak urban alley.  Stefan, our painter, has now been at it for a couple of weeks and he recently asked if some of our Tonari Gumi members would like to add their own personal touch to the mural by placing some  flying birds on the mural.  Emi Greenholtz and Kikko (Lurana) Tasaka volunteered and their birds are now flying up our mural.  Several of our members have also been observing the creative process and we are looking forward to seeing the completed masterpiece.  Please drop by the back of Tonari FullSizeRender (3)Gumi and check it out yourself.IMG_0993