New Look at Tonari Gumi

You will notice as you come into Tonari Gumi that we have installed some new carpeting on the floor to replace the old, torn up carpet that we have had for many years. In addition, we have purchased some storage cabinets and a new sofa which will free up some space in the front office area and provide a new look to this area. All of the funds for these changes, plus some new folding chairs and tables, have come from a recently received Canadian Federal Government “New Horizons for Seniors” capital grant. Given that we are in the preparatory stage to completely remodel or replace our building, some may be wondering why we are making these changes at this time. There are two reasons: First, the capital grant funds must be used as soon as possible; and Second, our new building will not be completed for at least two years in the future. In the meantime, we want to make our current building as safe, comfortable and attractive as possible.

New Look Tonari Gumi

Some of our seniors enjoying the new sofa and carpeting.

New table & chairs for our craft group.