New Building Heralds New Beginning for Tonari Gumi!

Over the past two years, Tonari Gumi has been actively looking for a larger facility in order to be able to accommodate all of the seniors who want to participate in the various TG activities.

Thanks to the generosity of Mr. Tom Kusumoto and his family who made the largest single donation ever made to Tonari Gumi of $1.75 million, Tonari Gumi was able to put an offer on and purchase a three storey building located at 42 West 8th Ave. in Vancouver.

Currently, the new building is being used as a warehouse with some offices. However, during 2012 and 2013, in partnership with the Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens Association (JCCA), this building (in particular, the first floor) will be renovated to become the new and expanded base for Tonari Gumi. Our expected completion date is the fall of 2013, when we hope Tonari Gumi will be able to move into the newly renovated facilities. We are confident that our shifting to this new facility will signal an exciting new beginning for Tonari Gumi, the JCCA and the Greater Vancouver area Japanese-Canadian community, as a whole.

Here is a sneak peek of the new building from which we greatly look forward to offering our services!

Exterior view of the new Tonari Gumi building.

Interior view of the 1st floor in the new Tonari Gumi building.

Interior view of the 2nd floor in the new Tonari Gumi building.

Interior view of the 3rd floor in the new Tonari Gumi building.

On Tuesday, April 17 and Wednesday, April 18, Tonari Gumi will be conducting tours of the currently, unrenovated new facility to give those interested a view of our starting point. After the tours, there will be an opportunity to look at some draft floor plans and for members, volunteers and supporters to share their views on what they would like the new TG facilities to look like in the future. Those interested in participating should call Tonari Gumi to indicate their attendance. Those participating should come to Tonari Gumi at 511 East Broadway at 1:00 p.m. on the days indicated above. Come share in the excitement!