Many Thanks to our Tonari Gumi Volunteers!

On Saturday, July 6th more than 100 Tonari Gumi volunteers gathered under beautiful clear skies at Locarno Beach in Vancouver for a Volunteer Appreciation Party. Volunteers make up the heart of everything that Tonari Gumi does and every year it is important to recognize this contribution and to pay tribute to the importance of volunteerism to the organization. Good food, good weather, and lots of fun games made the day a special one for everyone in attendance. With work on the new Tonari Gumi Seniors’ Drop-In and Community Outreach Centre at 42 West 8th Avenue soon to be completed, even more volunteers will be required to meet the needs of the many seniors and other individuals needing help who will be coming to the new centre. This is an exciting time for Tonari Gumi and all of our volunteers. We look forward to welcoming even more volunteers as we go forward into our 41st year as a charitable, volunteer organization, serving the needs of the Japanese Canadian community in the Lower Mainland of B.C.