Learning About Alzheimer’s

Learning about Alzheimer’s
On July 22nd, Tonari Gumi and the Alzheimer Society of B.C. held an awareness seminar at Tonari Gumi center in Vancouver. With more than 25 seniors and family members attending. Jan Robson from the Alzheimer Society of B.C and Jim Mann, a senior volunteer, conducted a “Dementia Friends” seminar. Mariko, who is Tonari Gumi’s community Service Coordinator, provided English to Japanese translation. It was a very positive experience with everyone having learned a great deal about “how to live with” Dementia.  For more information on other “Senior Life Seminars” where you can learn about important issues in both English and Japanese, affecting seniors within the Japanese-Canadian community, please contact Tonari Gumi at (604) 687-2172.

Alzheimers Society of B.C. seminar

Alzheimers Society of B.C. seminar at Tonari Gumi