AGM 2015 (Fiscal Year 2014) – Meeting minutes

Annual General Meeting for Calendar 2014

Tonari Gumi Annual General Meeting Minutes
42 W. 8th Avenue, Vancouver
March 28, 2015

Meeting commencement 2:00 pm. In attendance were 36 members.

Introduction of current executive members – Executive Director

Greetings from the Chair – Joji Kumagai (interpreted by Heidi Hamano)
-Refer to Message from the Chair in the 2014 Annual Report

Report from the Executive Director – David Iwaasa
-Refer to Message in the Annual Report
-Short slide show presentation of TG’s year of activities

Update & Report on Programs & Services
Services-Refer to report by Mariko Takashina in Annual Report

Programs – Refer to report by Atsuko Ichijo in Annual Report

Lighthouse Iki Iki Project – Refer to report by Masako Arima in Annual Report

Volunteers –Refer to report by Atsuko Ichijo in Annual Report
-Some 200 volunteers provided more than 10,000 hours in 2014

Presentation of the Financial Statements
-Refer to Message from Sanae Moteki, Treasurer, in the Annual Report
-Specific reference was made to the revision and restatement of our 2013 financials due to the change in the usage designation of the new building when Tonari Gumi took possession and moved into the new building in November 2013. After extensive consultations with the CRA, this resulted in an additional GST liability of $136,257. This amount was reduced due to amounts payable to Tonari Gumi to some $26,000 which was paid in early 2015.
-Financial Statements were accepted as presented.

Questions from the audience
Regarding membership – how many are there?
Response: Approx. 310 current members
TG Services – How many people are benefitting/receiving services from TG’s programs?
Response: Some 1,313 individuals, including care-givers and family members, benefitted in 2014
Regarding TG Programs – Please expand on the increase in programs.
Response: The year has been divided into four terms: Winter – Jan to Mar, Spring – Apr to Jun, Summer – July/August, Fall – Sept to Dec.
In the past, programs were year-long making it difficult for new participants to join. Another problem was getting volunteers to commit to a full year of volunteers.

TG fees: Understand the reasoning behind the change in programing into terms but I have heard comments & complaints about the fee method and costs. Many of us are living on limited pensions. Missing classes due to illness can be a problem because of a doctor’s note can cost upwards of $50. Also, some people would like to participate in part of a program, etc. How can this be justified?
Response: We understand your concerns. We are considering different methods of dealing with this. We had to change to the term system due to matters such as inconsistency in attendance, whether or not to go ahead with classes, etc.

Refund Policy: Concerns about what the exact policy is? A member decided to cancel at the last moment, deciding not to receive the refund as she wanted to donate it to TG. She stated that it should be in the written policy about matters such as donating fees to TG. More details should be included.
Response: TG’s Refund Policy is printed at the front of the Program Guide provided at the beginning of each term. Staff will be asked to point this out to everyone registering for a program.

What is the average usage of the TG building?
Response: Approx. 50 – 60 people are using the services/programs on a daily basis

Questions regarding the Financial Report: Member expressed concerned regarding a deficit of approx. $100,000. He said that we would never recover the debt.
Response: Yes, an outstanding balance of some $75,000 still remains on the building, and this was financed through our line-of-credit with Vancity. We are confident that we will be able to retire this debt very soon. Various fundraising projects are being planned and donations are being received to the Making It A Home fund. Should greater details be required, he was asked to speak directly with Joji Kumagai and David Iwaasa.

Election of Board of Directors
Introduction of current members by Joji
Introduction of members up for re-election.
Heidi Hamano, Mike Sakamoto, Derek Imai & Chuichi Chris Nakahori – current directors up for re-election this year. Unanimously re=elected

Call for nominations from the floor – David
-no nominations were made from the floor
-openings on the Board remain and nominations may be submitted at a later date

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