“Home Away from Home” Building Fund Drive Tops $50,000!!

Although our new Building Fund Drive has only just been launched, donations have already reached nearly $55,000 in contributions. While there is still a long ways to go to reach our $650,000 goal, this is an excellent start and we are very pleased and humbled by the generosity of so many individuals within the community. These funds will be used to complete the renovations which will soon be starting to take place at our new building at 42 West 8th Avenue in Vancouver. The funds received through this Building Fund Drive will enable us to create a brand new drop-in centre for our seniors and an activity centre for the entire community close to the centre of the City of Vancouver and convenient to rapid transit from nearly everywhere in the Lower Mainland. It will also be the base for our many volunteers to reach out to those who may be isolated and alone within the community and in need of comfort and attention.

For those interested in making a contribution, please go to this link:
“Home Away from Home”.

This is the new Tonari Gumi building as it is now, before the planned renovations.