Generous People Are Making A Difference!

While we owe a great deal to the many individuals, companies and organizations that have made significant financial contributions to enable us to complete the renovations on our new facilities, there are also many people who have donated time and material to the new building so that it can better meet the needs of those who will be using the building and will feel “at home” in the new facilities. To commemorate just a few of these generous individuals, we have attached a few photos.

Mr. Sam Iwase, his wife and Mr. Nobutomo Shoji installed new book cases into our new library area so that our Tonari Gumi seniors will be able to continue to borrow Japanese books, videos and DVDs. Mr. Iwase generously donated not only the time to build and install the cases, but also all of the material to construct them.

Yamato Transport, Vancouver Branch, generously donated a truck and the services of their driver, Mr. Takeshi, in order to help Tonari Gumi and its volunteers to move a lot of the heavy furniture from our old building to the new facilities.

Henry Wakabayashi and Hiro Kamoshita are pictured along with the newly completed rock garden which they installed in front of the new Tonari Gumi building. Based on a design inspired by Mr. Uesugi of the Japanese Gardeners Association, Henry Wakabayashi donated the materials and some of his own labour and Mr. Kamoshita donated his expertise, equipment and a lot of back-breaking effort in order to bring a touch of Japanese design to the front of Tonari Gumi.

These are just a few of the many individuals and companies who have generously given of their time, materials and equipment so that the Tonari Gumi building can be a warm and welcoming place for everyone in the community. None of these individuals or companies have sought for recognition, but have contributed in order to help build the community. It would be our hope to be able to spotlight more of these individuals, companies and organizations as we approach the final completion of our new facilities. Tonari Gumi has always been more than just a building or a place. Tonari Gumi has been the combination of a caring heart and hard work. The new Tonari Gumi will be no different.