French Cuisine at Tonari Gumi

On Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014 Chef Terazaki, former chef to the Canadian Ambassador in Tokyo and chef at many of Canada’s top hotels, taught some 8 eager seniors the secrets of French cooking.  DSCN3289All of the ingredients were gathered fresh locally, including some lettuce and radishes harvested from Tonari Gumi’s own community garden.  DSCN3304The menu consisted of cold pumpkin soup, pan-fried sockeye salmon on a bed of onion and garlic mashed potatoes with a shrimp and scallop sauce and slices of bell mushrooms.  The desert was full of fresh, local fruits including white peaches, fresh figs, plums, etc.  For the students it was the opportunity to see firsthand how a master chef prepares his food and to learn how to do it themselves.

The most exciting part of the class was to sit down at an elegant table to taste what they had produced together.  DSCN3311This was an example of one of the new Tonari Gumi classes held during the summer.  Tonari Gumi’s new September to December program guide is full of new and exciting classes and workshops that are open to everyone.  While most of the classes are taught in Japanese, there are a number of classes and workshops available in both English and Japanese.  Also many of the Japanese classes are taught in such a away as non-Japanese speakers are able to follow and there are always some other class members who can help to translate where necessary.

Please check out our link to this year’s new program guide.

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