IMG_1443In recent years, brain-training has become the “in-thing”. We’ve been told that by doing simple math exercises and by finding errors in pictures, etc. that we can hold off the effects of aging on the brain. Of course, we’ve been doing the same things at Tonari Gumi and we have our own brain-training program. However, what if instead of doing mental exercises by studying, you could achieve the same results by exercising our brain through play—such as in our mahjong and poker clubs. As part of your defense against mental aging, these games require you to learn the rules, develop strategies and to use your hands to move the pieces or the cards.
Now when you think of mahjong or poker, mental images of gambling probably emerge. However, at Tonari Gumi, in our clubs, their versions of these games do not involve money and do not affect your financial well-being. Instead, our clubs contribute to your mental wellness. In both the mahjong and poker clubs, the members will teach you how to play, so even novices can attend without any worries.
IMG_1486In the case of our poker club, they have adopted the “Texas hold’um” style of play, and everyone in the club started as a novice. Age is not a factor as the eldest member of the club is 93 years old. Everyone gets fully involved into the game as shouts of “I won” or groans of “I lost” are an integral part of the activity and both body and mind are fully engaged. As one member noted: “ever since I started coming to Tonari Gumi’s poker club, I don’t go to the casinos any more and am saving a lot of money.”IMG_1438
This year, as part of your strategy against the effects of aging, don’t just focus on the body, why not also include the heart and the mind?
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