TG Charity Golf

TONARI GUMI and Greater Vancouver JCCA Charity Golf Classic

Sadly, due to COVID-19,

our 8th Tonari Gumi & GVJCCA Charity Golf Classic is

postponed (not cancelled) until...maybe Sunday, August 23rd.



The first JCCA Golf Tournament started some 55 years ago?

As recounted by Henry Wakabayashi: “This popular event was started by Ken Yada, Arthur Hara, Steve Yamamoto, Mush Saitoand me in either 1964 or ‘65 in Chilliwack. For those who remember, Japanese Canadians were not allowed to be members of any private Golf Clubs at that time and it was also difficult to hold a golf tournament in Vancouver as there were hardly any public course where we could get times.

So, the first JCCA tournament (then) was held at the Chilliwack Golf Club, a regular 18-hole course and the second day on a nine-hole course owned by a Scotsman (9 holes x 2). We managed to get the full complement of 144 players as we had Nikkei's come from Kamloops, Boundary, and other BC interior towns. Since we did not have enough originally, we had to invite our Chinese friends. In fact, the Scotsman was so pleased to have all our players come from Vancouver to his little course, he suggested to us, ‘I have 9 holes, property to expand to 18 and this very quaint clubhouse. If you boys (Nikkei’s) are interested, I will sell it to you for $90,000. So, get 90 of you together and put up $1,000 each and you can have your own club.’ Missed a great opportunity, but only making about $400 per month and all of us with young babies, we did not have the resources. But, the tournament did so well, we did not have to invite our Chinese friends the following year.”

In 2013, after some 48 years, the JCCA nearly cancelled the tournament due to declining interest but decided to join with Tonari Gumi to help fund renovations to their new Seniors Centre. This brought new life to the tournament and the 1st Tonari Gumi & JCCA Joint Charity Classic was such a success that it has continued each year for the past seven years until this, our eighth year. Although postponed as a result of COVID-19, because of the history, we’d hate to see this tournament miss a year.

Like me, I know you are all "chomping at the bit" to get out in this great weather to try and get in a round of golf. So, thought we should give you something to look forward to. Currently, we’ve been able to reserve Sunday, August 23rd to hold the postponed TG-JCCA tournament and wanted to advise you of our plans. While we will be closely watching health advisories, we want to know your interest in this date and have you set it aside. To keep you in the loop and to raise some badly needed funds as Tonari Gumi works hard to help our vulnerable seniors during this pandemic, we are planning to have a "pre-registration" fundraiser.

We are asking all prospective golfers and even non-golfers to fund an advanced down payment for your foursomes of say, a minimum $50 per golfer, or more if you are so inclined. If COVID-19 restrictions are still in effect on August 23rd, we will have an informal lunch (socially distanced, of course) at a park and draw names for raffle prizes consisting of donated golf related items.
Should the tournament materialize, we will hold it at Meadow Gardens, as usual, and non-golfers can join us for dinner or have the full amount credited as a donation for a tax donation receipt. 

We hope you willing to help.

1.  Please send us a cheque made out to TONARI GUMI for the amount you are willing to contribute to Tonari Gumi at:   #101-42 WEST 8TH AVENUE, VANCOUVER, BC V5Y 1M7.

2.  Make your payment on-line by following the link below, and use your credit or debit card:
     On-line Payment:

     Non golfers can go to DONATE NOW

For more details, please contact:


DURING THIS PANDEMIC, you should know that Tonari Gumi has been busy reaching out to our vulnerable seniors. Tonari Gumi staff and volunteers have made more than 500 phone calls to check-in on all seniors who are living alone and/or who don’t have any family or relatives nearby. TG staff and volunteers are still delivering Japanese bento’s to those who can receive them and are unable to go out. We’ve helped seniors to order groceries on-line and find ways to get their meds delivered. We’re sending out our new Tonari Gumi Newsletter with important info on how to survive during this pandemic every two weeks, either on-line or via the post. You can get your own copy right here

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