Soaring Cranes Campaign 2020

To symbolize the hope that all of us will get through this pandemic, and the rebirth that will take place after the coronavirus is overcome, we have adopted the origami crane in flight to recognize and honour our donors. Individuals who contribute or pledge the amount (or become a monthly donor) indicated for each of the three donor categories listed below will receive a high-quality metallic crane lapel pin as a token of Tonari Gumi’s appreciation at the time of their pledge. Donors will also be honoured on a special plaque to be displayed at Tonari Gumi.

GOLDEN CRANE PIN ($3,000 plus)
Donors contributing $3,000 or more;
or pledging to donate $250 per month for the next twelve months.

SILVER CRANE PIN ($1,200 plus)
Donors contributing $1,200 or more;
or pledging to donate $100 per month for the next twelve months.

FLORAL CRANE PIN ($600 plus)
Donors contributing $600 or more;
or pledging to donate $50 per month for the next twelve months.


1 ON-LINE Donation: Donate on-line via Canada Helps site. Please click this [DONATE NOW] link, or the button located right-side of this page. You will have options to choose “Donate Now (one-time)” or “Donate Monthly” in the site.
2 BY POST – Single Donation: Complete the enclosed DONATION FORM and make a one-time donation via credit card or cheque made out to “Tonari Gumi” and mail to Tonari Gumi in the enclosed addressed envelope. Tax donation receipt will be issued for every donation over $20.
3 BY POST – Monthly Giving: Complete the “monthly gift” and credit card portion of the DONATION FORM to make monthly donations and mail the form to Tonari Gumi. We will process your monthly donation using Canada Helps site.
4 LEGACY DONATION: Make a donation through your will or estate plan by checking the “Legacy Donations” box in the DONATION FORM, filling out the contact information and mailing the form to Tonari Gumi.

For more information, please contact Tonari Gumi. ( 604.687.2172 /

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

has exposed how fragile the senior care system is in Canada. As soon as the public health lockdowns started in March 2020, the Japanese Community Volunteers Association, or Tonari Gumi, immediately began to call seniors who were living alone and those without family living near by to ensure that they knew how to cope with the public health restrictions. Tonari Gumi staff and key volunteers sought to reassure our seniors and their caregivers that they had someone they could turn to when they need assistance, and continued its Japanese meals-on-wheels program so that isolated seniors could have nutritious Japanese meals delivered to their doors. They also started on-line and telephone-based information and social activities to reduce stress and anxiety.

Tonari Gumi needs your help to continue its services and activities as the mental and psychological stresses of social distancing continue to persist. As seniors are restricted in their ability to gather socially and to interact with others, Tonari Gumi is reaching out to them by expanding its meal-on-wheels program, its on-line and virtual activities, and its services to help our seniors to stay safe and healthy.

We look forward to your generous contributions.

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