Community Building in 2015

As we move forward into 2015, there are a lot of important things to which we need to look forward.  First, Tonari Gumi will be holding its 2nd Annual High Tea at Tonari Gumi’s new building on Saturday, March 21.  This is going to be a premium event and an opportunity to enjoy tastefully prepared sandwiches and pastries while listening to Japanese Canadian performers presenting live traditional and classical music.  To reserve your spot in one of the three exclusive servings, please contact Tonari Gumi at (604) 687-2172.

Tonari Gumi Board Members 2011/2012.

Tonari Gumi Board Members 2011/2012.

Following the High Tea our next key event will be Tonari Gumi’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday, March 28th.  For Tonari Gumi members this is your opportunity to show your support for what Tonari Gumi is doing and to provide input into what Tonari Gumi should be doing into the future.  Tonari Gumi is also looking for individuals who would like to contribute towards building the Japanese Canadian community by becoming a member of Tonari Gumi’s Board of Directors.  If you are interested in helping to build and strengthen Tonari Gumi and in so doing to create a stronger and more caring Japanese Canadian community, please contact Tonari Gumi at <> to express your interest.

Then in June, the Third Annual Tonari Gumi & JCCA Joint Golf Tournament is scheduled for June 14 at Meadow Gardens.  Please note this date on your calendars and turn out to support the community.

If we want a community that can contribute to caring for its members and if you want to help create a broader society that values each individual, then you need to volunteer and participate now.  We are waiting for you to come.

David Iwaasa