Come Join TG’s Homebound and Iki Iki Programs!

IMG_0790We have space for more participants to join with us in healthy and rewarding activities.  If you want to socialize with others and get some exercise, but in a relaxed manner that is in keeping with your physical abilities, then our Homebound program on Mondays and our Lighthouse Iki Iki program on Wednesdays may be just what you need.


The programs are designed for seniors who have difficulties in going out on their own, are frail and need an easy-going program or have symptoms of early stages of dementia.

For both the Homebound and Lighthouse Iki Iki programs, during the morning part of each session, there will be a light exercise program designed to each participant’s level.  Next, there will be a delicious Japanese-style lunch prepared by our volunteers.  While eating a wholesome lunch, the seniors will be able to chose from among various activities, such as a personal massage, karaoke, folk dance, various crafts, some computer & tablet instruction, games, etc. based on their own interests.

To register or for more information call Tonari Gumi at (604) 687-2172 or e-mail <>.

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