Teranishi & Associates and the BCGEU are also Silver Sponsors!

Support has come for Tonari Gumi & the Greater Vancouver JCCA’s 3rd Annual Joint Golf Tournament on Sunday, June 14 from many different businesses and organizations.  Teranishi & Associates is a long-time supporter of a wide variety of activities within the Japanese Canadian community and is a leading business in Richmond.  In contrast, the BC Government Employees Union (BCGEU) are a new sponsor for this event and we welcome their help to the community as many members of the Japanese Canadian community have served within the BC Government and we appreciate their willingness to help build the community.  Supporting events such as the Joint Golf Tournament helps to foster greater community unity while at the same time contributing to the funding of essential services such as Tonari Gumi’s work with our seniors.  We appreciate the support of all of our sponsors, both large and small, as they are all helping to build the community. TERANISHI & ASSOCIATES: Chartered Accountants  

Jim Pattison Leasing is a Silver Sponsor for the 3rd Annual TG & JCCA Golf Tournament

Jim Pattison Leasing is a Silver Sponsor for the 3rd Annual Tonari Gumi and the Greater Vancouver JCCA Joint Golf Tournament taking place at Meadow Gardens Golf Club on Sunday, June 14.  Jim Pattison Leasing has been a very loyal sponsor of this event which will provide funding for Tonari Gumi’s many programs to assist seniors within the Japanese Canadian community and to help maintain the new Seniors Drop-In and Community Outreach Centre at 42 West 8th Avenue in Vancouver.  It is thanks to very generous and community minded businesses like Jim Pattison Leasing that enables Tonari Gumi and the JCCA to reach out and help as many people as they do.  A very warm thank you to Jim Pattison Leasing!

Drive a Ball to Help Our Seniors!

Ordinarily driving a golf ball would not be considered an important charitable act. However, on Sunday, June 14th, Tonari Gumi and the Greater Vancouver JCCA will be holding their 3rd Annual Joint Golf Tournament at Meadow Gardens Golf Club. Not only will the golfers be trying to lower their scores, they will also be scoring for the hundreds of seniors and their care-givers who depend on Tonari Gumi for wholesome activities and for respite from the daily challenges of caring for our elders. Through Tonari Gumi’s many programs, and in particular, from its Iki Iki (lively, lively) programs for the frail and those in the early stages of dementia, caregivers are given a break as they can leave their seniors at Tonari Gumi where they know they will be safe, enjoy social inter-action and receive a tasty and healthy Japanese meal. For the seniors, themselves, they get to receive the undivided attention of cheerful and attentive volunteers and staff, to have the chance to meet with and chat with their friends, and to learn new things. Seniors also get the chance to help each other and to feel that they are valued and useful. This golf tournament is a major fund-raiser which will help to maintain all of these essential programs and to ensure that the new Tonari Gumi remains in top shape so that our seniors can be safe and enjoy their activities in a clean and homey atmosphere. Driving, chipping and putting the ball this coming Sunday will definitely help in “Making It A Home” for our seniors. Dozens of businesses and individuals are also contributing to this event by sponsoring and providing support for this event. You don’t have to get a great score to be a winner at this tournament. However, if you do get a […]